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Seller Real estate sections of public libraries abound with books on selling you home privately. In addition to pointers on sprucing up your home for maximum sale ability, they provide homeowners with tips on the “psychology of showing a house.” Yet, most homeowners choose to sell through a REALTOR®. Selecting a REALTOR® Finding the right [...]


Buyers So you’ve decided you want to stop paying rent and buy your first home. You’re not alone. With interest rates at their lowest in decades, many people have discovered that mortgage payments can be significantly lower or at least comparable to the rent they are currently paying. Making the decision to become a homeowner […]

Mortgage Information

Mortgage Information Amortization, fixed rate, variable rate, high-ratio, principal. If you’re mystified by mortgage-speak, you’re not alone. Here’s a crash course in mortgage basics to help you make smart decisions about one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Choose a Term That Works For You A term is a period of time (from 6 [...]

Home Inspections

The Importance of a Home Inspection So, you’ve found a house you love, great backyard, gleaming hardwood, and the kitchen of your dreams; but what about the furnace? The wiring? Leaks in the basement? Before you buy, make sure you have the home inspected. No matter how experienced you are as a homeowner, it’s the [...]

Smart Renovations

Smart Renovations: Improvements That Pay So you’re thinking about doing a kitchen facelift, putting on an addition or landscaping your yard. If you’re redoing your house with an eye to upping resale value, you may want to focus your dollars on projects that will give you the best return. The Kitchen Kitchen renos usually offer [...]

Moving Tips

Moving Tips A stress-free move? It is possible. Nobody likes moving. Stress-wise, it’s been compared to divorce or the death of a loved one but it really doesn’t have to be that bad. Some good planning can help smooth things out and ensure your move is as easy and stress free as possible. Here are […]

Marketing Your Property

My Plan For Marketing Your Property When you’re selling your house or condo, you want to sell it fast and make as much money as possible. A good marketing plan can help you do that. Here’s how I will work with you to market your property. I will: Advise You On How To Prepare Your [...]

First Time Sellers

10 Tips To Sell Your Home Making your home appealing takes more than just a quick cleanup and some scented candles. When you've got your place on the market, here are some tips for creating a great experience for prospective buyers, and really showing off your property to its fullest advantage. 1. Depersonalize This is [...]

First Time Buyers

8 Tips For First-Time Buyers When you're shopping around for a new home, it's easy to let your emotions take over. This quick list of dos and don'ts can help you keep a level head while you look, and ensure you don't end up with buyer's remorse down the road. 1. DO a drive-by. Check [...]

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